Rogers Gardens' Daylilies
Greetings, and welcome to Rogers Gardens. My name is Richard Akers, and several years ago I bought a local nursery by the name of Rogers Gardens, which sells trees, shrubs, perennials, and hanging baskets. It only seemed natural to bring along my passion for daylilies. I have been hybridizing for 7-8 years now, and I grow several thousand seedlings a year.

One of the challenges of daylily gardening here in Oregon is our cool climate. It's terrific for growing everything else under the sun (and more often clouds), as we lead the nation in plant production, but we lack that one trait most folks take for granted, and that is warm, balmy nights. Our springs are extremely slow to warm up, and night time temps are usually in the 40s as the bloom season is getting under way. Even at the height of summer, our night temps are seldom above 55, so the challenges of growing daylilies here also explain my hybridizing goals -- opening ability. I don't know how many plants I have had to abandon since they just don't open up, but thankfully, I have found a few keepers here and there. I'm proud to announce my first releases of these.